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Limon2000 - Donations for a school construction project in Costa Rica

Construction of a vocational school and other social institution in the municipality of Limón 2000

Philipp Kunze from VISIONEERS e.V.Write a message

 Costa Rica is one of the best developed countries in Central America and, according to surveys, one of the countries with the happiest people. But even in an up-and-coming country like Costa Rica, there are big social differences. The municipality of Limón 2000 on the Caribbean coast is one of the poorest regions in the country.

Deprived people from Limón was then offered a house when relocated to Limón 2000. Basically, this seems very generous to the state, but the reality shows that now around 2,000 mostly unemployed people live in Limón 2000. Crime, drug and alcohol consumption as well as the resulting social problems are widespread not least because of the lack of qualification opportunities and career prospects.

Until a few years ago, in 2000, there was only one elementary and secondary school in Limón. For a further education the way was usually too difficult and financial means scarcely exist.

Over the last few years, a perspective has been created through the construction of a vocational school. The building is divided into six rooms of equal size: four classrooms, a conference room and a secretariat.

Apart from that, other social institutions are under construction and in planning.

At the end of August, I will travel to Costa Rica for 6 months to help with the construction and project management.

However, to continue financing the construction, support is essential!
Any help prepares the way to promise the people of Limón a better future!

Thank you very much!