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School and Food project for 200 kids

Nianing, Senegal

School and agriculture projects for kids in rural African areas (Senegal)

C. Huber from Afrika Direkt e.V. | 
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About this project

We are giving scholarship for actually 65 kids in Nianing Senegal.
I dont have to mention, that they are the poorest of the poor.
Its where tourism meets poverty, some kilometers away from the beaches theres is nothing. Not even enough water.
We help to give this kids the basic need to get out of that.
Education and a base where we support them and their families with grains, water and land to plant their basic nutrition.
Would be great if you share our interest in these kids. They are of all religion, gender and ethnies.
Our slogan is: Talent has no borders if you have the will.
We named the school after BARACK OBAMA. We also invite kids from German orphanages to spend their vacation in a separate building, we already built.
Our kids are poor, but very talented and extremely willing to learn. And what we can learn from them. They always have a smile for you.
Updated at 18. September 2020