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Closed Solar system for E-Scooter AMBULANCE

Budondo (Jinja District), Uganda

A solar system for charging our E-Scooter Ambulance in the remote area of Kibibi, Uganda. Green energy to power our ambulance to improve access to healthcare facilities.

Georg S. from First African Bicycle Information Organisation
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Our E-Scooter Ambulance is doing a great job in Kibibi, Jinja District, Uganda! Many people were able to access different healthcare facilities in and around Kibibi. The ambulance provides an emission-free transport in a sitting or flat position.

Now we want to equip the driver with a solar system so that he can operate more independently from the national grid with its many blackouts to recharge the E-Scooter. Kibibi is a really remote area and the Ambulance serves as many as 7500 people.