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Maternity Hospital in Tanzania

A project from Malteser Hilfsdienst e.V.
in Marungu, Tanzania

In Tanzania, safe births are not a matter of course. That is why we are building two maternity clinics in Tanzania where mothers can give birth with dignity and in a hygienic way.

Kassandra P.
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About this project

In East and Central Africa, many health facilities are poorly equipped. The women have to give birth to their children in dark loam huts on wooden tables. There are no blankets or a bed to rest on. 
In order to provide mothers with a dignified, safe and hygienic birth, we are building two maternity clinics in Tanzania and need two hydraulic operating tables. 

So far, we are successfully supporting health centres in the eastern part of the Democratic Republic of Congo where we accompany pregnant women from preventative medical check-ups to childbirth. Most of these women are poor fugitives from neighbouring countries. In well-equipped rooms we provide beds with mattresses, operating tables and clinical equipment and provide medical care for mother and child. The young mother Agnes, who gave birth to her baby in one of our partner hospitals, says: "I feel so well taken care of here. I would also like to have my baby vaccinated here. It should have a happy and healthy childhood." 

Please support our work in Tanzania with your donation and give mothers a safe birth. 

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