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Dhuskun - Everyone has the right to water

Dhuskun, Nepal

The village of Dhuskun is to be supplied with water all year round. The construction of the water system will support the further development of Dhuskun.

Alex Dietz from Engineers Without Borders (EWB)
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Project Background 

Dhuskun is a Nepalese mountain village 60 km east of Kathmandu with about 460 inhabitants. The population mainly lives from agriculture and animal husbandry. 

During the dry season (October - May) and especially towards the end of the dry season, the water from the springs in the village is not sufficient to cover the entire needs of the inhabitants. Long distances to fetch water are therefore the order of the day and represent a burden both for the health of the inhabitants and for village life. 

Our vision 

Everyone needs water. Water forms the basis for existential needs and thus the foundation of social and economic development. 

Our goal 

We want to guarantee all inhabitants of the Nepalese mountain village of Dhuskun easy access to water all year round. The efficient use of water resources should provide sufficient water for households. 

Our way 

We would like to develop and implement a water supply system in cooperation with the villagers of Dhuskuns and our project partner. For a sustainable solution everyone has to work together. It helps that our project partner, the NGO Namlo International, has been active in the village for years and has been able to establish a trusting relationship with the villagers. 

The project will be realised in several construction phases. These include, among other things, a spring tap that collects the water from a productive spring and a 4 km long pipeline that conducts the water to Dhuskun. The water will then be distributed in the village itself. 

With this project we would like to place special emphasis on the exchange of knowledge, so that our system is operated by the village itself after the project is completed. 

Your help 

With your donation you contribute to the financing of the materials necessary for the construction. With your help the villagers get reliable access to water. 

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