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Medical Interventions in Masindi, Uganda

A project from Window of Life e.V.
in Masindi, Uganda

We help families whose children are in need for medical interventions. We help finding the appropriate hospital, ensure the child's admittance, treatmentplan, follow-up and rehabilitation visits.

S. Engel
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About this project

Since 2011 Window of Life is active in the area of Masindi in Uganda. Those days we established a Babies Home for abondened, vulnerable or orphaned children. After about eight years of experience, networking and cooperation with the local health facilities we decided to officially start a program to support health issues in the district of Masindi in cooperation with the Masindi General Hospital.

Through this program we are put in touch with kids and their families who are in need of specialized care but cannot afford it. We first support the families to find a hospital where the child’s needs can be addressed, and then take care of the practicalities including details like transport for the child and caregiver. Most importantly, we ensure that the child is admitted, and a treatment plan is made known to them in a language they understand.
We also take care of any medical bills and provide support during the sometimes lengthy hospital stays. After the child is discharged, we follow-up to ensure the kids go for necessary check-ups and rehabilitation visits. 

In the first month of our program alone, we have successfully assisted three boys, aged three weeks to one year, to receive urgent life-saving surgery for hydrocephalus. We hope they continue to make a full and speedy recovery!