Blocked School supplies for poor children

An aid project by “anonym non-tax” (betterplace-Team ..) in Calapan, Philippines

betterplace-Team .. (Project Manager)

betterplace-Team ..
The Children in Baco and San Teodoro ugently need more school supplies. Without school supplies they cannot learn as effective as necessary. We want to support them but we cannot do this without your help. Also check out the YouTube Channel:
As we did it last year we want to organise a "christmas action" this year. This time we want to deliver school supplies but we cannot do this without your help. So please help us by donating via betterplace. 15€ can make a child happy.
If you want to send school supplies in a parcel, please send it to this adress:
Horst Heveling
Lumangbayan 2, Molavestreet
5200 Calapan, Philippines

More information:

Location: Calapan, Philippines

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