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Benches for Refugee Camp

A project from Offene Arme e. V. - Hoffnung für Chios
in Chios, Greece

For and together with refugees in Vial Camp, Chios/Greece, we are building 100 picknick tables. In this way, we improve quality of living, hygiene, social interaction and we provide for meaningful activities!

Alexander Hirsch
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About this project

In Vial Refugee Camp on Chios/Greece, 1.600 Refugees live inside containers and tents that will become too hot to stay in. There is no adequate outdoor space to meet, rest and eat. There are no areas within the camp for families and children, friends, women or single men to sit together or even for lawyers to meet with their clients.

Men, women, children are sitting on the ground - this is not even possible for the great number of disabled, pregnant or sick people in the camp. But even for those who can, this has some unexpected consequences: Areas around the toilet facilities is often flooded and poor drainage systems effects the grounds around. During the night there are additional dangers from rats and snakes. As well as this clothing will become dirty and it is not always possible or easy for those in the camp to wash their clothes.

An additional problem: Refugees in camp are waiting ... and waiting ... and waiting. There are no work permits and hardly any meaningful ways to spend your time. At the same time, many refugees in the camp have great skills and qualifications!

From 27.-31. of May CESRT/Offene Arme e.V. is organizing a week-long workshop to build robust so-called picknick tables within and outside Vial Camp. A volunteer carpenter from our team will lead the construction of the first 10 structures. He will be assisted by other volunteers and a group of refugees with carpentry skills. At the end of the week, our carpenter has to leave; by then, those who took part will be able to continue the work.

Camp management has approved the construction of 100 picknick tables - this is our goal.

The cost for one completed picknick table is 80 Euros for wood, screws and bolts and waterproof wood paint. The costs for the first 10 structures are covered, so wee need 7200 €! That way we will be able to improve the quality of living in Camp significantly.