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Providing Access to Education for 150 vulnerable Orphans in Kenya

Sondu, Kenya

This project will facilitate access to primary education for 150 vulnerable orphans in Kenya through providing equipment, information and care. The goal is to enable the children to attend school regularly and empower them through education.

Johanna Wiest from Dentists for Africa
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This project has the objective of facilitating access to education for approx. 150 complete orphans in primary school age in Western Kenya . In this area the HIV-rate is above 20%. The number of orphans is thus particularly high. They live with their relatives, who often can barely afford to take care of their own children. Some of them grow up without any adults to take care of them. On average, these children go to school on only 11 days out of 20 day a month. This is due to a lack of care, a lack of information on the importance of education and a lack of school uniforms, shoes, bags, books etc. This project sets out to provide the children with everything they need in order to finish their primary education in order to give them the chance for a better future.