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Light for Ethiopian villages

Hosaena, Ethiopia

In times of decreasing oil reserves and growing global environmental problems our goal is, to provide an energy source through virtually exclusively alternative energy in a large Ethiopian village.

Jürgen Mummert from Windenergie Äthiopien e. V.
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Since 2004, parishioners from the village Rüsseina in Sachsen (near Meissen) together with their priest Dr. Jochen Hahn have occupied themselves with testing a self-constructed Wind Energy Turbine Unit. "CreaProtect", The projects name marks the true aims that the development team.-  in the widest sense of the word. To create and secure a project. Through the exhibition of the installation in the German Protestant Church Day in Berlin 2003 contact was made with the Ethiopian engineer Wolde Georgis Demissie living in Berlin. The development team in Rüsseina consists exclusively of private people and is in principle a not profit-making organisation.