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"Girls to Girls" Project: a chance for a future through education!

A project from Netsanet e.V.
in Bahir Dar, Ethiopia

For many girls in Ethiopia it is impossible to go to school on a regular basis due to a lack of sanitary products they can use while having their period - Netsanet e.V. wants to change that! Support us now to help secure their education and future!

Eva Johanna Knorr
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About this project

The Project "Girls to Girls": a chance for a future through education!

Going to school on a regular basis is connected with many obstacles for girls in Ethiopia. The reason being, that when they get their perid they often lack the necessary sanitary products. Thus they miss out on multiple schooldays every month and eventually start to fall behind.

A consequence of that is often that they drop out of school, connected with a severe impact on the girls futures: small chance of employment, lack of perspective and financial dependency.

In broad areas of ethiopian society this topic is not adressed in public, but also in family life it is often off limits. Due to that fact, many girls are not educated on that subject, don't know why they're bleeding and how to cope with that. That's why puberty for them is connected with a lot of shame, low self esteem and a feeling of helplessness.

To support the girls during this time, give them the opportunity to attend school regularly and present them with a safe and trusting learning enviornment, we, together with our local partners from the EECMY-DASSC, fund the "Girls to Girls" Project.

Our Project entails the following:

  • For the girls to attend school on a regular basis we supply them with reusable sanitary pads, underwear and sanitary products such as soap.

  • The participants get weekly tutoring lessons to catch up on what they already missed in school and to better their educational performance.

  • We cover the costs for books.

  • Amongst others, our team consists of medically trained staff, that educates the girls on feminine hygiene, the menstrual cycle and the female body to assist them on personal questions in a trusting environment.   

  • Social workers do workshops with the girls regularly, to destigmatise the topic of menstruation, to boost up their confidence and support them to lead a self-determined life. 

We value transparency in our project, that's why we make a point on showing all our beneficiaries what we were able to do with their donations. This is why Netsanet e.V. constantly updates their website, sends out newsletters and posts about progress on the project on social media - to give members, supporters and all other interested people alike a report on how the project is doing, the ways we use donations and other news from Ethiopia.