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Simple clay ovens for Nepal-Kenya-Ethiopia

A project from Die Ofenmacher e.V.
in Kathmandu, Nepal

Clay ovens for Nepal - clay ovens for Kenya (Ol Pejata) - clay ovens for Ethiopia (Alem Katema), said free educational booklets for environmental awareness, CO2 reduction, health, COPD, open fireplaces, project transfer Nepal Africa

R. Pfeffer
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About this project

The purpose of the Association is to spread Stovemakers smokeless cooking stoves in rural households in developing countries. Experiences from 13,500 stoves built in Nepal encouraged us to transfer the ovens in advance.
Open fires involve risks, especially for young children who crawl into the fire and suffered severe burns. The inhabitants suffer long-term health damage through dense smoke in homes.
Medical treatment is not given to remote villages and so arise during the healing process severe disabilities.
A stove costs only 10 euros and helps a family to a safe and healthy cooking space.
Donations are forwarded by the club to 100% of the project. Other costs such as travel, information, etc. must be obtained elsewhere.
Brochures: Printing of brochures with the aim to sensitize children's perception of their environment and thereby sharpen the responsibility.
With simple images benefit, use and maintenance of smokeless cooking stoves are explained. Furthermore, it is discussed the relationship between deforestation soil erosion / open fire-places to the CO2 emissions and global warming / the smoke from the cooking fires and lung and eye diseases / injuries and the risk of fire from small children. Free distribution to households and schools through our the oven maker.
Kenya - Ol Pejeta: In Feb.2013 7 Probeöfen were placed around Ol Pejeta. The joy of 5 homeowners and two school kitchens are overwhelming. With the Board decision to start a stove project in Kenya, the main work of the Stovemakers began. Structures for the oven exudation education, manufacturing / logistics of pottery and iron parts, furnace construction, monitoring and field visits must be organized and structured.
Our CEO and our most experienced Nepalese and Nepalese staatl.zertifizierter Stovemakers and two members of the Stovemakers traveling for four weeks after Ol Pejeta. Two weeks to connect with supervising practice by the coach on a two-week training.
Ethiopia: Counts as a Least Developed Country and is ranked 173 in the HDI. Almost all households is cooked on an open fire.
Beginning of 2013 Ofenbaumöglichkeiten, the clay and other conditions has been tested and established contacts with authorities. From the authorities, the need was confirmed and promised to Stovemakers support.
The population in Alem Katema responded with enthusiasm to the idea of ​​smokeless stoves. However, immediately showed that the Nepalese furnace requires an adjustment for flatbread.
A modified model is currently being developed in Germany. Careful project requires that this development will be tested on site before stoves in Ethiopia are spread on a large scale.

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