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Die Ofenmacher e.V.

managed by R. Pfeffer

About us

The purpose of the Association The Stovemakers eV is the spread of smoke-free cooking stoves in rural households , especially in developing countries. Our working area is currently in Nepal, here the project has its origin .
In most rural households in Nepal an open fire is used in the living room for cooking today. This practice poses risks , especially for young children who crawl or fall into the fire and suffered severe burns. Furthermore, long-term health damage ( chronic bronchial , smoker's leg ) are observed in the residents that are all their lives exposed to the dense smoke in homes.
The possibilities for a qualified treatment are not given in the remote villages and so arise during the healing process most severe disabilities for the rest of life. Muscles , tendons and ligaments are contracted , limiting the mobility of an up to full stiffness.
The traditional method of cooking on an open fire makes use of the energy content of the fuels used , mostly wood from the surrounding forests is woefully inadequate . The pressure on the wooded areas of Nepal is constantly increasing , more and more trees will be cut down . In addition to the known environmental problems, this also means that the women to travel further and further afield , and often have to spend most of the day with the collection of fuel. Women are traditionally responsible for cooking and thus also for the procurement of fuel in Nepal.
The club was founded in 2010 , headquarters of the Association shall be Munich.

Project transfer to Kenya and Ethiopia in the test phase .

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Wir haben 643,50 € Spendengelder erhalten

  R. Pfeffer  29 January 2020 at 05:24 PM

Die Spendensumme fließt in bereits laufende Ofenbau-Projekte in Nepal, Äthiopien und Kenia. Wir sind als Ofenmacher nicht mehr weit davon entfernt, den 100.000sten Ofen in einem Haushalt unserer Zielgebiete zu unterstützen!

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