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Performing aerial silks to support a social circus project

A project from South African German Network e.V. (SAGE Net)
in Kapstadt, South Africa

Together with Flyfit Showteam from Münster, I collect funds for my voluntary year at the social circus Zip Zap Circus School in Cape Town.

Annette Obst
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I am a passionate student and teacher of the aerial arts. From September 2019 I will teach at the South African NGO Zip Zap Circus School. This voluntary year is guided by weltwärts.
In June 2019, Flyfit showteam, consisting of motivated aerial artists from Münster, Germany will perform at the International Street Artist Festival in Münster with the intention to raise funds for the social project. The performance is titled "Vom Fliegen lernen" (=learning to fly) and stands for life-long learning processes.