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Project "Dragonheart" - giving hope to children of addicts

Hagen, Germany

Project "Dragonheart" - giving hope to children of addicts

Hagen, Germany

"When my grandma dies, I have to be my sister's mom." Children of addicted parents often carry too much responsibility, too early. With project "Dragonheart" we at Blue Cross help these children to be strong together. You can support us!

E. Fast from Blaues Kreuz in Deutschland e.V. | 
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About this project

More than every sixth child in Germany lives in a family with an addicted and/or mentally ill parent. The development opportunities for these children and adolescents are usually very limited. The problems in the family burden them, they often develop feelings of guilt and shame, are confronted with violence and take responsibility for their parents or younger siblings. Their own needs are neglected. Psychological problems are the result. Children of addicts and psychologically ill parents often isolate themselves from their environment, feel misunderstood and left alone - a vicious circle that only intensifies their problems. 

Project “Dragonheart” counters this by bringing affected children and adolescents together providing them with stability and support. In pedagogical group sessions the participants learn to open up, share their worries, feelings and desires. The group becomes the home they do not find "at home". The solidarity and security the group provides helps them to smile, dream and hope again. 

 The majority of the participating children and teenagers live in families with alcohol problems. Around half of the children and adolescents taking part suffer from disorders such as ADHD (attention deficit/hyperactivity disorder), FAS (fetal alcohol syndrome) or impaired intelligence. These limitations create specific needs which are met by qualified and empathetic educators. 

The project is carried out by the Blue Cross Centre in Hagen, Germany. The group sessions are structured in such a way that participants have enough space to organise their time freely but also work intensely on their problems under the guidance of the pedagogical staff. An important part of the programme are excursions and outdoor activities integrating the children´s families where possible. 

 The demand for participation is high, but places are limited. In order to provide more children and young people with our services, we need your support.

Team Dragonheart says thank you for your donation, no matter how small!

 Further information about our work with addicts and people at risk for being harmed by alcohol and drugs can be found on our homepage:

Updated at 18. March 2020

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