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Empowering village women in Nepal

A project from Hands with Hands
in Chitwan, Nepal

Providing financial literacy and skills development to underprivileged women, along with micro-loans, supports the creation of self-employment and income-producing activities to lift families and communities out of poverty.

Kira Kay
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About this project

Our project aim is: educating and empowering rural women living in Syandi and Jutpani villages in Chitwan district, Nepal, to enable them to uplift out of the poverty cycle and provide for their own families. 

Women in these villages generally have little or no education and usually live in very poor conditions frequently not able to provide food every day for their children. By providing them with basic literacy education along with skills training and mentoring this provides the women with the capacity to take up micro-loans to start their own income generating businesses. In such villages the businesses are often agricultural based in the first few years of establishment, for example: buying goats or pigs to breed and sell; growing of off-season vegetables and selling in local nearby market. In the second round of skills development that include training in additional capacity developing skills, the women can establish secondary businesses such as sewing, carpet weaving or roadside stalls. 

Hands with Hands has successfully supported similar initiatives in nearby villages over the past 13 years and our Nepalese mentoring team, Shila Pandey and Ram KC will be coordinating the project directly under the supervision of Kira Kay. Our past experience has given us the confidence that such women empowerment education and financing does truly work - often benefiting not only their own families but also the wider community in which they live.