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Closed MovEurope! - Support Mamadi in starting his apprenticeship in Germany!

Witten, Germany

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Closed MovEurope! - Support Mamadi in starting his apprenticeship in Germany!

Witten, Germany

We need support to make Mamadi's apprenticeship as a cook in Germany possible. Thanks to your support he moves one step closer to his goal of a self-determined life in Germany.

G.Ebding from migration_miteinander e.V. | 
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About this project

Support Mamadi in building a secure future in Germany!

Many thousands of refugees reach the EU via the external borders, primarily via Italy. According to European law, refugees must apply for asylum in the country of first entry and stay there permanently. The current EU legislation hardly makes legal further migration possible, but the desire of many people to continue migrating is great.

Migration_miteinander and its partner network have worked out a way to enable legal migration to Germany for training purposes via the visa procedure (§17 AufenthG) for these persons. This guarantees a legal stay with all possibilities of integration and active participation right from the start. As an intermediate step to training, we organise internships and volunteer services in Germany.

Last year, Mamadi successfully completed an internship in the canteen of the Institute for Waldorf Education in Witten. The stay was a very special experience for him and offered him not only the opportunity to acquire his first knowledge of German, but also to make valuable contacts with local people. During the internship his wish to work as a cook in the future became more concrete. His stay in Witten was not only a positive experience for him. Also the people around him appreciated him very much, from which close friendships developed. Through his local network, he got in touch with the Knuts restaurant in Witten, with whom he finally signed his training contract. This perspective motivated him to continue learning German. He is currently taking a German course in Italy and is preparing for the visa application together with our partner association in Bologna.

Some of the costs are already covered by the training salary. For the others we need your help. Without the urgently needed financial support, Mamadi will not be able to realize his dream of staying in Germany. Please support  Mamadi!
Updated at 18. March 2020