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We make people smile, give them back hope & inspire positive change!

Lesvos, Greece

With our colorful "Garuda" love-mobil we drive through Europe inspiring positive change! This year we offer our services to the refugees in Lesbos, Greece. On the way back to Germany we offer our program for free wherever we can! Join us!

A. Müller-Hermann from AnandaOne e.V.
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Hello lovely people,

as you might already feel, we do live in very special times of transformation, individually and collectively. The planetary crisis is actually a growth opportunity for humanity and needs each and every single one of us in order to bring more joy and bliss (ananda) in to this world! Each of us has to take responsibility for the current situation and has a unique gift to offer to the world in order to be of service!

We decided to invest our time and talents for the greater good of all and founded the non-profit organisation AnandaOne e.V.
Our aim is inspire and motivate people from all backgrounds, nations, ages etc. to participate in this great shift of consciousness happening globally.  By finding out and/or remembering who we are, the innate potential of our soul, our inner beauty and strength we find true lasting happiness (ananda). In a supportive community we grow and evolve together and understand that being of service to the wellspring of all and the earth and all its inhabitants leads to the greatest joy!

We drive with our "Garuda" love-mobil through different countries of Europe and offer our services. We have an exquisite sound system with us and offer music, dance therapy, psychotherapy, meditation, diverse workshops, lectures, yoga etc.

This summer we drive to Lesbos, a greek island, which has been the center of the current refugee crisis. There live around 10.000 refugees under very bad circumstances and with no hope for their future! The only help is coming from Ngos and volunteers not from the politics. This means it is up to US to support in any way we can.

Our plan
We are in contact with some NGOs in Lesbos and will look at what we can best offer these people on site so that they get the greatest and most immediate benefit from us. We will give meditation and music production workshops, dance therapy and psychological support, art workshops (painting, jewelry making), yoga, sports etc. We start our trip mid of May and will spent 6 weeks in Lesvos. We document & collect experience reports so that everyone can better understand the situation there and our work. On the way back to Germany we will offer our program for free at different locations.

With YOUR SUPPORT we can help more people, motivate them to follow their dreams, to find their true happiness & purpose in this life. Help us inspire positive change! Cause everyone of us is part of the whole, we are all connected, all one. Everything you give to the world comes back to you. So lets do good together.
Our Motto: BE the CHANGE you want to see!