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Support with Namika creative development for kids in the Atlas Mountains!

Fostering creative development is laying the foundation for autonomous thinking and acting. Help us to give courage through education to the coming generations to listen to their inner voice and tackle life with self-confidence and self-awareness.

Andrea B. from ABURY Foundation gGmbHWrite a message

For some years now, creativity has been regarded as one of the key 
competences of the future. Those who are creative can also "think outside the box", find new approaches and work together and explore imaginatively with others. It is therefore worth promoting creativity as it is something constructive and self-acting. The creative child thinks for himself in new and different ways. Creative people can adapt more quickly to new situations, search for and find solutions to their problems which deviate from the well-trodden path. They master difficult situations by improvising and freeing themselves from classical thought 
patterns. Creativity also develops through stimulating spaces and materials, 
which can be worked on and transformed again and again.

Especially in Morocco, where fostering creativity is not yet on the public 
agenda, it is all the more important to lay the foundation for independent 
thinking and acting. Only in doing so, we can give the coming generation the 
courage to listen to their inner voice and tackle life with self-confidence and self-awareness.

Since 2013 we have been supporting pre-school education in the Atlas Mountains of Morocco through the ABURY Foundation. Currently, 52 children attend to classes in two neighbouring schools. In 2019 we want to take it one step further and specifically address the topic of creativity.

This began in January 2019 with music lessons, which we started together with 
the wonderful rapper, songwriter and singer Namika. In her Vlog series "Alles 
was zählt (All that counts)", she dedicates an entire episode to the topic 
"Giving back" and shows insights to her visit to the ABURY Foundation 
school and the creative exchange with the children.

Hanan, also known by the artist name Namika, was born and raised in 
Frankfurt am Main, but both of her grandparents come from the Moroccan 
coastal town of Nador, where she also spent many summers during her 
childhood. Music became at a very early age not only her great love but also a way for Namika to express and share her thoughts and feelings to the world. On account of her Moroccan roots and her desire to give back, this beautiful collaboration developed. 

With the start of the music lessons, the first stone was laid. Now it is time for you 
to come into play! Help us supporting the children in Douar Anzal on their 
path to a colourful and exciting world through creative development and education! The collected donations will first be used to pay for the teacher salary and coordination (300€ per month), musical instruments (guitar, drums, keyboard - 400€) and creative materials (pens, books, coloured paper, etc. - 100€). Donate here!