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Closed "Fair Trek" Clay School Project - Northern Laos

Luang Prabang, Laos

Closed "Fair Trek" Clay School Project - Northern Laos

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Ecological school project built by volunteers and villagers in the north of Laos. The local community needs a school, we provide techniques and helpers...but we lack on financial support for material

Markus N. from "Fair Trek" Project, responsible & community-basedWrite a message

Community school project, built from mostly ecological material, together with locals and volunteers from abroad! Our project need funds to pay for basic structural material of the 3 class room building in remote are in Laos.

The story:
Some time ago, tourists visited a local community asking what they would need most…"a school" is the answer. “Fair Trek” together with "Lao Project Group" helped finding volunteers who come and work. Together with the locals the volunteers work on the ecological structure, which saves resources and sets an example for other projects to follow. We believe in a green hand-made-school! The project now lacks in support money for building!

The “Fair Trek” project here in Laos has developed ecological methods to built schools that are affordable and self-made from local materials, as far as possible. The construction of the school is made with locals and foreign visitors, who con't receive pay. Most visitors are students from abroad.

Who makes it happen?
Our project coordinator, Ms. Winna, a Thai national with a degree in Sustainable Tourism Management is leading the project and has already found a large number of volunteers. Project fulfillment by end of 2011, latest. Volunteers come through “Lao Project Group” and most of them from “World Challenge” programs, which supports projects worldwide with student volunteers.
The Community is a poor farmer village in north Laos. Three ethnic groups live here and only since 2008 the community receives visitors through the "Fair Trek" project. A small community house welcomes visitors. The people live from rice farming, gardening and a few animals. The existing school hut, made from bamboo hosts only a few students, the need for a bigger "real" school building is obvious.
Use of donations:
Donations are only used to purchase material and to transfer material into the community. Volunteers finance their stay personally. The material for the school consists of steel, cement and structures to maintain the roof. Doors, windows and paint will be needed, as well as foundation material. Wall structures will be made from ecological material found locally and will be built with the villagers and volunteers together.
What else?
The local tour company, Tiger Trail, was a pioneer in establishing responsible tourism activities in the region. They invented "Fair Trek". The project generates income to local communities through tourism. Read more:
They support all projects within their office activities, promote locally and manage funds, pays for local staff, translators and facilitates visitors on their stay with all services.
Join our vision:
Open your heart for the people in Laos who are in need. We know we can reach the aim and fulfill the villagers dream to built this school for and with them. For them this means a brighter future with a fair chance to educate their children, and make them ready to enter the modern world…

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