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A project from Amaro Drom e.V.
in Berlin, Germany

Amaro Drom is a youth self-organization of Roma and non-Roma. With educational work, empowerment workshops and networking, we are standing up for the social participation of young Roma and the fight against racism.

M. Jakupov
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About this project

Amaro Drom e.V. ("Our Way") is a nationwide youth self-organization of Roma (gender-sensitive: Rom* nja) and non-Rom*nja. Through empowerment, mobilization and self-organization we are creating space for political and social participation of young Rom*nja. The association was founded in 2006 by refugee Rom*nja and non-Rom*nja. The goal of the association was to show solidarity and to speak out against racist politics and social racism.

We understand ourselves as the voice and representative of young Rom*nja in Germany. As a federal association, Amaro Drom offers a network of exchange and mutual support for the six regional associations in Berlin (Amaro Foro), NRW (Terno Drom and Carmen), Lower Saxony (Ternengo Drom e Romengo), Saxony (Romano Sumnal) and Baden-Württemberg (Roma Office Freiburg).

In our regional associations and within the framework of our nationwide projects like "Dikhen amen! See us!" young Rom*nja fight against prejudices and for more self-determined visibility of Rom*nja.

The focus of our work is youth work, nationwide networking, public relations and anti-racist educational work.

Our educational offers are aimed at teenagers and adults. Various members of the association give workshops on the following topics:

- Empowerment of young Rom*nja
- Awareness of non-Rom*nja for racism against Rom*nja
- Rom*nja history and history of genocide and Nazi persecution
- Romnja empowerment
- The link between racism against Rom*nja and other forms of discrimination

Once a year we organize the Federal Youth Conference. It is the largest gathering of young Rom*nja and non-Rom*nja in Germany and offers young people space for development and solidarity.

Amaro Drom makes an important contribution to the social participation of young Rom*nja in Germany. We create spaces for dialogue and help to create a society that appreciates diversity.

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Amaro Drom e.V.
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