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Amaro Drom e.V.

managed by M. Jakupov (Communication)

About us

Amaro Drom e.V. ("our way") is an intercultural youth-self-organization of Roma and Non-Roma. Our aim is to create space for political and societal participation through empowerment, mobilization and self-organization. Amaro Drom understands itself as a basically democratically organized structure, which offers possibilities to young people for networking, common learning and experiences in order to take on responsibility for acknowledgement and mutual respect.

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Erneute Abschiebung droht/ Threat of another deportation

  Anita B.  10 December 2018 at 03:53 PM
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Zunächst einmal herzlichen Dank an alle Spender*innen! Dank der Spenden konnten wir Gzim dabei unterstützen Beratung und anwältliche Unterstützung zu erhalten. Inzwischen ist Gzim operiert worden, seine Behandlung dauert jedoch noch an und er bekommt keine Reha-Behandlung. Auch die Kostenübernahme der langwierigen Behandlung ist unklar und Gzims Duldung läuft vor Ende Dezember 2018 aus. Es droht eine erneute Abschiebung. Über anwaltlichen Beistand versuchen wir nun eine erneute Abschiebung zu verhindern und Gzims Weiterbehandlung zu ermöglichen. Dafür benötigen wir weiterhin Spenden.
Gzim im September 2018
First of all: Thanks to all the donators! The donations allowed us to support Gzim in finding legal assistance and counselling. Meanwhile, Gzim has undergone surgery but his treatment is still ongoing and he will not receive rehab treatment. It is still unclear who will pay the bills for the lengthy treatment. Gzim's "Duldung" (the temporary suspension of the deportation) expires before the end of December 2018. There is a threat of another deportation. We now try to prevent another deportation and allow Gzims further treatment. For this further donations are still needed.
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