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Building the future of the FSU (Free School)

Extension and reconstruction of the Freie Schule Untertaunus. New building of a cafeteria. Better opportunities for inclusion. So that in the future we can give children space for learning and development, for community, trust and self-determinatio

A. Seelbach from Freie Schule Untertaunus e.V.Write a message

We, the Freie Schule Untertaunus (FSU), are a free integrative school up to 10thgrade with a crèche and a kindergarten, in which independent learning and working together are taught. 130 children from 1 year to 17 years play, live and study here every day.
As one of the oldest free schools in the whole of Germany, for many year we have been and still are located at Aarbergen-Kettenbach in a former workers' hostel. The buildings are now getting really old and it is time for a major construction project with renovations including the roof of one buildung and construction of a new one.
We provide space for children to grow
Children who grow as a community, experience trust and commitment, learn together and develop. Children who experience self-determination and democracy in everyday life. Children who at some point will go through life in their own way, courageously and self-confidently.
We too are growing
We want to give these children more space (more rooms). That's why we're rebuilding our school. One of the reasons for this is the spatial confinement with which we have been able to arrange ourselves very well so far, but is slowly becoming a challenge as we continue to grow.  There are also, areas in which there is an urgent need for construction. For example, a leaky roof and other structural defects, of which even the further use permit for one of our buildings depends.
Another very important aspect for us is inclusion.  Free alternative school ... for us means  to think differently about the education of our children and also to do things differently. Therefore our children are part of our learning community. From 10 months to the adolescent. And when we talk about all kids, we really mean all. Therefor inclusion of kids with special needs is Because we all mean is natural for us. But it also brings with it certain requirements for structural infrastructure. For example, a barrier-free passage between our two school buildings and a lift that allows access to each floor.
A new heart is created
At the center of our school is just one very important part: The new cafeteria. With enough space for everyone. With better options for the preparation of fresh and healthy food. As a meeting place for children, parents and teamer. In addition, the building is planned multifunctional, so that we have a large space for performances and events available.
Helping people help themselves
Much of what happens to us is carried and done by dedicated children, parents and staff. Many craft activities can be done in-house. But that has its limits. For many things we simply need outside support.