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Rettung der Aufnahmestation für Gnadenbrottiere

Sasbach, Germany

Small Animal welfare association asks for donations for the maintenance of the animal reception station

Otti W. from Tierhilfe Oberrhein e. V.
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We are -  Tierhilfe Oberrhein e. V. - 

....we exist : since1993

....members currently only 17

...our philosophy :
                                  We help where the need is greatest !

Background : For about 2 decades THO e. V. has been looking after discarded, deported and abandoned animals - mostly dogs and cats, 
also dwarf rabbits, as well as large animals, like horses and goats.  
Depending on the capacity of the animals, "ownerless four-legged friends" became here with us, or in a foster home - horses and goats, on the other hand, are not accommodated here, but in an animal boarding house.

Nearly all of the four-legged friends remained with us for life, whereby often enough enormous veterinary surgeon costs resulted.
Without finances - unthinkable, the animal protection costs now times money - and namely a quantity....    Food and veterinarian visits, animal accessories, bedding, renovation work, etc. In addition there is the expenditure for special food, in particular for older cats or dogs. 
All this has used up the finances almost completely, i.e. even private funds are no longer available.
We search: 
animal-loving people who support our work financially - 
Monthly about 500 € are missing to be able to continue our working.

In advance - thank you very much.
.... THO e. V. 
    79361 Sasbach (South Baden)