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A project from Mahndorfer Deichpiraten e.V.
in Bremen, Germany

We want to bring life back to Bremen-Mahndorf on the playground "An der Lieth / Hexenstieg". For this purpose we want to celebrate parties, offer games, perform theme afternoons and bring people together in the district!

Benjamin G.
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About this project

We are a group of parents and children from Bremen-Mahndorf, who have teamed up and founded in October 2018, the Mahndorfer Deichpiraten e.V.

It all began with the fact that the Office for Social Services Bremen in the summer of 2018 has carried out a public participation in the playground "An der Lieth / Hexenstieg" at the Mahndorfer dike in Bremen-Mahndorf.

The aim was to find out how the playground, which looked increasingly sad over the years, as it had to suffer from vandalism and gradually had to dismantle play equipment, could again become a place for experiences.

Families who wanted to take care of the playground, fill it with life, and create an offer for children and parents in the district quickly found themselves.

In conversation with the Office of Social Services then the possibility of an association was discussed, and how this can use and promote the playground.
Support from the city of Bremen is also in the offing, but can only be part of the financing.

A short time later, we founded and already consist of 26 children and adults.

Now we are full of energy in the starting blocks.

Unfortunately, the renovation of the playground is slowing down and the budget is shrinking due to unforeseen costs, which are explained to us time and again by the Social Services Office, with which we are in good contact.

But that does not prevent us from planning parties, designing offers and discussing with the office how we can support the reconstruction.
We want the playground to be filled with life again!

Below you can see our individual points and plans.
Take a look at what we want to do!

We look forward to every help and thank you sincerely!

Your Mahndorfer Deichpiraten