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Funded Inside change! Participation of students in trans

Duisburg, Germany

Funded Inside change! Participation of students in trans

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Participation of students in transforming their school - to create identification. From 28.-30.1.09 project days take place in which our plans are to be realized. 50 groups - will make the school to our school!

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Inside change! Participation of students in transforming their school - to create identification
The school is located in the Southern District of Duisburg and has 912 pupils. The building was built in the spirit of utility buildings, whose concrete message is clear: Here you have to learn and not to live. Necessary things for school are there, but joy is not taught through this space. The exterior facade of the school was renovated and all the windows replaced. However, a renovation inside the school was not planned. Hui external and internal Fie?
The lobby, hallways and sanitary facilities will be redesigned embedded in a great overall approach. The room in which students spend their school life, greatly influenced their wellbeing. It can be much - create identification or produce aggression, promote or block development.
We can make young people curiously and instruct with this project, to ask preset qualities, to recognize that arouse a sense that they can actively influence their environment. Pupils who really make a difference at their school will be encouraged to exercise their responsibility towards their own habitat, it makes to understand them values and appreciation of school property, makes the school to their school.
The students recognized the problem, made the brainstorming and planed together. In January it will be made. The basic idea of this project is that the students always "Make Your Own" with professional instruction, for example, by architects, painters, ...
The students learn together to think with foresight, with others to plan and act, to win interdisciplinary knowledge and to motivate others to take action. The school is a place of identification, where you can be proud and take responsibility.

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