The Professor Pratt Reconstructive Project Kenya

An aid project by T. Stasch in Nairobi, Kenya

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T. Stasch (Project Manager)

T. Stasch
Established in 2000 by Dr Stanley Khainga, chairman of the Kenyan plastic and reconstructive Surgery Society, and Professor Pratt from the University of California (US), this project provides plastic and reconstructive surgery to 30-40 patients during one week of operating, once a year every July.

The patients are admitted to the Kenyatta National Hospital with different surgical conditions requiring extensive and sometimes complicated reconstructive surgery. These conditions include facial malformations, contractures after burn injuries, chronically infected and open wounds, as well as disfigurements from tumors or trauma.

In order to allow these patients to live a life as normal as possible, disfigurements are corrected through plastic and reconstructive surgical procedures, to restore form and to improve function.

The surgical team consists of invited visiting plastic surgeons from the US (Craniofacial Paediatric Surgeon Dr Sean Boutros, Houston University), Germany (Plastic Surgeon Dr Tilman Stasch, Cologne), and South Africa (Dr Kenny Segwapa and Dr Solly Selahle, Medunsa University). They will be operating with their local counterparts, (Dr Khainga, Dr Kahoro, Dr Nangole, Dr Adan) at Kenyatta National Hospital in Nairobi, in a mutual exchange of skills and knowledge. The team will do the work for free, taking leave from their usual commitments.

Although founder Prof Pratt has since passed away, the project has grown from year to year, offering help to ever more patients who would otherwise not be operated on due to the high costs involved. The Professor Pratt Project is partly subsidized by the Kenyatta National Hospital and local businesses. However, patients still have to pay up to 10.000 KS (about GBP 80) to receive treatment. In addition, new equipment is needed to perform the microsurgical operations, where functioning instruments are mandatory. Money is also needed to provide the essential aftercare of patients.

The last projects ran in July 2011 and Set 2012 and were very successful. Using all the donated money, operations, materials and hospital stay could be financed for the majority of patients who we operated on. There was much gratitude from all sides.

The next Professor Pratt Project in Nairobi is scheduled to take place in September 2012. For more details please follow the blog entries and on Facebook:

Dr Don Othoro (London, UK) and Dr Tilman Stasch (Cologne, Germany) from Valentis Foundation are looking forward to questions and donations for this great project.

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