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Dachau for Dachau - together for a good cause!

A project from FV des LEO Distrikts Bayern Süd e.V.
in Dachau, Germany

The Dachau Lions and Leos have been fighting for decades for a better and fairer world. We want everyone to realize their right to a happy life!

Julian M.
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About this project

We have been active together for many years for needy people in and around Dachau, Germany. The Lions Club Dachau has been supporting our region for over 40 years, and for almost 20 years also the Leo Club Dachau.

In this long time, we have gained a lot of experience in how to make the world a little bit better and to bring a smile to even the most disadvantaged.

In various projects, the so-called "Activities", we are actively involved with local people.

A highlight, for example, is the annual "one-part-more" campaign, with which we collect food for the "Dachauer Tafel" (needy table by the Dachau Red Cross). Regularly between 15 and 20 bulging shopping carts full of food can be collected.

With our activities, we not only invest money, but also time for the needy. For example, during the renovation of the home for unaccompanied minor refugees in Vierkirchen, Bavaria. On the one hand we donated the funds for the corresponding materials, on the other hand, the civil engineers in our team showed the enthusiastic young refugees how to implement such concepts in reality.

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