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Valentina Foundation - 7/24 on-call doctor for terminally ill children

A project from Stiftung Valentina
in Wangen im Allgäu, Germany

Valentina from Wangen died of her tumour at the age of 13. She had to spend the last part of her life at Ulm University Hospital. The Valentina Foundation supports a mobile team so that these children can die at home and stay with the family

Kurt Peter
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About this project

The PalliKJUR team at Ulm University Hospital provides intensive medical care and palliative care at home to children in the region who are seriously and terminally ill. In addition to the medical equipment that has to be set up at the children's homes, this requires doctors and nurses who can be reached around the clock and who can drive off when the child is unwell. This care is very complex and expensive, so the Valentina Foundation has promised to finance a part-time medical position for this service for three years. A total of eur 60,000 is needed per year.