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Medical Help in Greece- Medical Volunteers in Action

A project from Medical Volunteers International e.V.
in Athen, Greece

We help where our help is needed. Volunteer physicians spend their free time for our organization and help: Refugees, homeless and people in need on the ground. We show solidarity

Benjamin H.
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About this project

In Athens we treat 1200 patients per month in 13 social centres and camp sites 6 days a week. Currently, most patients are Syrians, Afghans, Pakistanis, Iraqis and Iranians. 

Our services on site are the following: 

  • Basic medical care
  • Minor surgeries 
  • Case management - i.e. above all: 
  • Transfer to specific medical services, dental work or psychological support 
  • Referral for legal support, accommodation, food and clothing 
  • Health education 
  • Emergency care in social centres and home visits to patients 
  • Manual patient documentation 

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