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Heroes for Animals – Animal Protection International

A project from Helden für Tiere gGmbH
in Kranenburg, Germany

Hard Tattoo-Guys for Weak-Animals: Helping animals in need sustainably is the declared goal of "Heroes for Animals". They don't blabber, but help in a concrete way. Please help them, so that the "Heroes for Animals" can carry on helping!

R. Seeger
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Speaking is good, acting in a concrete and direct way is better! This is the motto according to which the "Heroes for Animals" work everywhere for animals in need! When animal lovers and protectors do not know what to do anymore, the "Heroes for Animals" will engage as a dedicated task force, no matter where or when. Throughout everywhere, they help to build and restore entire animal shelters as well as graces and sanctuaries. On a large scale they collect animal feed, which they give to needy people and institutions, and change the attitude of humans to animals, livestock and meat consumption. They put little value to theirselves, but work directly in the dirt to bring a change. For this they need financial support: Please help with your donation, so that the "Heroes for Animals" can continue to help wherever there are animals in need!
The "Heroes for Animals" are co-operation partners of "Fressnapf", with whom they together turn the show "Harte Hunde – Ralf Seeger greift ein", which is regularly aired on the German television station VOX.