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school admission for Lobzang

Leh, India

Lobzang is a young teenager from the reemote Zanskar valley of Ladakh whose biggest dream is to continue his education at a good school in capital Le - he would love to become a teacher one day, helping others to learn...

N. Kossak from nilam e.V.
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Lobzang’s big dream of a study
Lobzang Stobdan was born in 1997 and raised together with four sisters and brothers by his parents in Pidmo. The tiny village consists of only a few houses, has no electricity and is the gateway for any treks through the Himalayas in the direction of the capital Leh. Lobzang’s father Rigzin is, like most of the Zanskaris, a horseman and accompanies trekking groups with his horses to carry luggage and other material.
His wife Thukjay is a housewife and takes care of the children and the house while Rigzin is away. Their income is so small that it hardly pays for their basic needs.
The family was lucky that Lobzang found a sponsor who was willing to pay for his stay and education at the local village school.

Even though Lobzang had a strong sense of respect and love for his parents he did not want to become a horseman himself. The other opportunities that a place like Zanskar had to offer were to become a guide or a farmer, but this was also not what Lobzang truly dreamt of.

But then again, he added, his parents could never afford his stay at one of the hostels.
And he went silent and only the sadness in his eyes told more about the importance of his dream.

In November 2011 we finally got the confirmation from the Mahabodhi International Meditation School in Leh that they were willing to admit Lobzang as a student if he would take a test.

On an ice cold day, Rigzin accompanied his son Lobzang on his way to Leh. As the roads were closed and no bus or taxi was running, they had to walk the five days on the Chaddar, the “frozen” river.

But when they got to Leh, Lobzang passed his test and was giving admission at the Mahabodhi School.

His father went back, sad but ensured that his son had found a safe and good place where he can now live his dream and get a degree.

Today, Lobzang is in the 8th standard of Mahabodhi School and presumably will take another two years until summer 2014 to finish his education.

To ensure that nilam can support Lobzang until his studies are completed, we need your help. Any donation, small or big, can help Lobzang with his dream. The donations are used for his stay and admission at Mahabodhi International Meditation Centre in Leh, Ladakh.

Thank you - thuk che che!

„Nilam is so important because it helps us to improve our lives!“

(Lobzang about nilam, taken from a letter from June 2012)