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Cargobikes for Uganda

A project from First African Bicycle Information Organisation
in Jinja, Uganda

We want to construct 2 cargobikes with local materials and make them so strong that no pothole will stop the cargobike. One cargobike is for people with disabilities and should help them to earn a living.

Georg S.
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About this project

Unemployment and very small income are big issues in Uganda, especially for the youth. Some reasons for that are the lack of workplaces and education of the people. But also the difficult transport of goods hinders entrepreneurs to increase their small businesses. Cheap means of transport like bicycles and motorbikes limit the transportation of large quantities of things due to the limited space. Minibuses and trucks are very expensive. Especially for people with physical disability this becomes a huge challenge. The lack of affordable transport of goods forces entrepreneurs to sell their products always on one place instead of offering them where there’s a demand for it. Owners of street food stand for example could increase their income if they had the possibility to sell their food flexible at events or festivals. Salespersons on the market have to spend often about 30 to 35 percent of their income for transport of their products. 
FABIO wants to build cargo bikes for people with and without disability to enable them a stable and sufficient income. Cargo bikes would help individual entrepreneurs as well as groups of salespersons who would be able for example to transport their products gathered to the market. 
Because there’s not much knowledge in Uganda about the construction of cargo bikes, we want to build and test prototypes before we implement cargo bike projects in a more significant scale. These prototypes shall be suitable for Ugandan road conditions. In this pilot project we focus on the construction of one usual cargo bike with three wheels and a loading area in front and one model for people with physical disability which will be operated by hand. These prototypes shall be given out to young entrepreneurs to help them earning a sufficient income. The knowledge and the experiences gained in this pilot project shall help us to build and give out more cargo bikes in the future.