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Closed Emergency Aid Nicaragua

Our partner project Los Gusanitos urgently needs financial support to ensure the care of 100 children from the poorest district of Granada, Nicaragua. 3.50 euro per child are needed daily. The kids need you!

Sarah U. from Proyecto Mosaico e. V.Write a message

The current political situation in Nicaragua has already cost many victims. Hundreds of people died and many more were injured. Mothers have lost their children and children now have to grow up without their parents. The economic situation of the country is catastrophic. Thousands have lost their jobs and thus no income for daily needs. For 20 years as an association, we have supported various projects in Nicaragua by sending volunteers. Due to the unavailable security we can not send any volunteers there at the moment. Nevertheless we want and need to help! 

Our partner project Los Gusanitos supports children from the poorest district of Granada, Nicaragua. A hundred children are being cared in the day-care-centered in the two project locations. The project requires 3,50 euros a day per child to provide them with three meals, tutoring, additional individual education, the opportunity for free development, school supplies, medical and psychological care in a family environment. The families are relieved in this way and the parents have the opportunity to work. All employees in the project are locals who are motivated to study. Donations are urgently needed to enable the children to continue receiving their daily care.