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Making Oceans Plastic Free - Eco Education to reduce plastic pollution

A project from Making Oceans Plastic Free e.V.
in Bali, Indonesia

In Indonesia, 500 Million plastic bags are used every day, 40% of which are estimated to end up in the ocean. Early intervention can see one child save up to 28,000 plastic bags in their lifetime. With only 250 Euro, we can support a class of 25.

P. Kobbe
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About this project

The registered Non-Profit Making Oceans Plastic Free e .V. is targeting the reduction of plastic pollution in our oceans. One important focus region of our work is in Indonesia, the second largest source of plastic pollution, where it is estimated that up to 200 Million plastic bags end up in the ocean each day!

Single-use plastics, such as plastic bags, are one of the largest contributors to marine plastic pollution. The problem: Plastic never disappears. It only disintegrates into small particles called microplastics. These microplastics are often mistaken as food and are causing death to a large number of marine animals. In addition, through the food chain, marine animals are passing microplastics and its chemicals to humans threatening our health as well.

At Making Oceans Plastic Free we have developed the award winning Tasini concept:
  • We raise plastic pollution awareness through eco-eduational modules. 
  • We provide alternatives and break plastic habits.
  • We stop plastic pollution at the source. 
Together we can break plastic habits! 

Help us reduce another 10.000 plastic bags, 
by supporting 1 child,
for only 10 Euro!

***  “Maskini” - Our Covid19 response project ***
School are still closed in all of Indonesia. But as in other countries, families hope that the situation improves and step by step schools are opening back up again. Face masks are mandatory in Indonesia. With your help we want to provide cotton face masks to school children in order to reduce risks and facilitate learning and studying together again.

This is where you can help. For only 15 Euro we can provide face masks to 10 school children, for 36 Euro to an entire school class. “Maskini” cotton face masks can be washed in hot water and are reusable.

Maskini are made by women working from home. With each mask you also contribute to secure the livelihoods of their families. A contribution that helps them to stay out of extreme poverty during the currently challenging covid19 situation.

If you want to find out more about Maskini and the first projects, here is the link to the previous project site. If you still need a Maskini, have a question or comment, You can write us at