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Making Oceans Plastic Free - Eco Education to reduce plastic pollution

In Indonesia, 500 Million plastic bags are used every day, 40% of which are estimated to end up in the ocean. Early intervention can see one child save up to 28,000 plastic bags in their lifetime. With only 150 Euro, we can support a class of 25.

P. Kobbe from Making Oceans Plastic Free e.V.Write a message

The Non-Profit Making Oceans Plastic Free is targeting the reduction of plastic pollution in our oceans. One important focus region of our work is in Indonesia, the second largest source of plastic pollution, where it is estimated that up to 200 Million plastic bags end up in the ocean each day!

Single-use plastics, such as plastic bags, are one of the largest contributor to marine plastic pollution. Significantly, plastic never disappears. It only disintegrates into small particles called microplastics. These micro plastics are mistaken as food by sea animals and are responsible for causing the death of a large number of marine animals. In addition, through the food chain, sea animals are passing on the microplastics and its chemicals into humans causing dangerous health effects. 

At Making Oceans Plastic Free we tackle the challenge of marine plastic pollution through a multi-layer approach:

  • We apply scientific research on the causes and consequences of marine plastic pollution;
  • We implement eco-educational activities to raise awareness about habits causing plastic pollution and its impacts, to support pro-environmental behavior change;
  • We develop and promote effective alternatives to replace single-use plastics.

“Tasini” - the key to break the plastic bag habit.

Tasini is a reusable bag in the shape of marine animals which are designed to be an eco ambassador that raises awareness about plastic pollution in their ecosystem. The Tasini is attached to a keychain and has a foldable bag hidden inside making it fun and easy to stop using plastic bags.

Tasini play an important role in the eco-education sessions of Making Oceans Plastic Free. In place of a moralizing approach, Tasini are likeable marine characters that motivate users towards marine conservation, through compassion and sympathy.

With your support, we can stem the tide of plastic pollution.