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A house for a civil society and culture in Greifswald - STRAZE

A project from Kultur- und Initiativenhaus Greifswald e.V.
in Greifswald, Germany

In Greifswald we are building a house project STRAZE: House for initiatives and living project with a big hall for cultural and political events. In Oct. 2020, curtains will fall and we need help in order to finish our planks that means the world.

R. Plonus
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About this project

During the last years, thanks to the hundreds of supporters and volunteers, the STRAZE has become a safe place for people and initiatives who want to be actively involved in shaping culture and community (not only) in Greifswald. It is a space for various initiatives, meetings, workshops and projects. 

The heart of the STRAZE is a big public hall which has played various roles through its history. It was used as a place for theatre and circus performances, as a dance and sports hall, refugee shelter and before we launched the reconstruction, as the storage of the tons of debris. This heart is not beating now and we are working every day to bring it back alive. Our dream is to create a hall which will be the place that connects people who want to make a difference, a place that adds weight to their arguments and allows them to be heard. We already reconstructed areas for the initiatives, seminar rooms and facilities. The house has a new roof and isolation. At this moment, we continue with the reconstruction of the backstage areas. But for the next stage, we need your help. 

As the next part of the ongoing reconstruction, we would like to reconstruct the stage and the historical gallery from which the activities on the stage can be watched. The stage and the gallery both need reconstruction of their floor. We want to build the floor from the wooden boards to create an authentic historical experience for those on the stage and those in the gallery as well. Your support will be used for the wooden boards and other construction material so every donation makes sense. Every donation makes us closer to opening this space for you, the public. The public which, when the hall will be open, will have a chance not only to be in the audience but also create your own independent cultural program inside the STRAZE. Thank you for your support!

More about ideas and values behind the STRAZE you can find here: 

If you want to see the progress of the reconstruction durinf the last few years, you can see the gallery here or in our FB page. There you can also follow the news about the program in STRAZE.

If you want to support the STRAZE in other ways, you can come to help us during one of our traditional subbotniks (calendar) – working together with tens of other volunteers and see how the reconstruction continues. Or you can spread and share this call for support among your friends and people you think could support us. 

Thank you for your support!