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Closed Chilongozi Basic School Zambia

A project from AXA von Herz zu Herz e.V.
in Mambwe, Zambia

There is only one thing that is more expensive in the long run than education – no education

P. Kurth
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About this project

We need your help to save theChilongozi Primary school in Zambia We want to rebuild the school with a project partner on site. If we fail to do so, more than 200 students in the Chief's ward would have Malama (Luangwa Valley) no longer access to education. 
You can help give the children a better future when you make a donation, (no matter how small) and/, or share our campaign or talk about
us. We want to work to save the Chilongozi Elementary school Which is in Malama Chiefdom.This is an extremely poor area of Luangwa Vakkey which hundreds of children have limited access to schooling. Her only public school is on the verge of closure because of her dilapidated condition
We have to help! The future of these children is our main concern and without your help we will not be able to prevent the closure of the school. The Malama Municipality is located about 70 km from Maingate des South Luangwa NP Mfuwe), the many safari tourists, whether its imposing natural beauty and the Wildlife Visit.
Still, far from tourism it's a tough and unforgiving place to live. There is no paved road to get there, no public transport. During the dry season, access is accessible via rough lanes and only with a 4 x 4 vehicle, but during the rains, which can last from November to March, the area is often inaccessible due to the many seasonal rivers. The school teaches basic levels 1 to 7 and grades 8 and 9 upper secondary education (over 200 pupils). Most students come from long distances, too long (and too dangerous) for the daily foot journey, leaving many children with no choice but to sleep in disused teacher houses, in abject conditions. They have to bring their own food, cook for themselves and can only return home occasionally. The current school is in such poor condition that the Bezirkspädagogensekretär Considers closing them unless something can be done to help, and soon. 
What does the school need now? 
More safe classroomIdeally three blocks of three classrooms each. Our immediate project is to build one of these blocks.
Desks, tables and chairs Currently, the school is considered 27 double tables for 262 students.
Textbooks. As1 textbook for 2 children each, for each subject
Teacher. The school currently has 5 qualified teachers paid for by the Zambia government, other classes are taught by untrained volunteers, a common arrangement in rural areas. More volunteers are needed, but funds are needed to give them a grant for food and few essential things like soap.