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Closed Carnegie's Calling!

New York, USA

A famous composer was amazed by the student choir of the Hamburg University of Applied Science and invited them to perform at his cocert in the Carnegie Hall, New York. We would be very glad receiving your financial support!

Viktoria K. from Verein zur Förderung des Chores der HAW Hamburg
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About us
Everyone is able to sing along!
We are more than 100 singers who have met and networked via music since the the choirs foundation by the Hamburg University of Applied Sciences in 2011. Under the conduction of Uschi Krosch, we regularly work on performances of known choral music pieces with orchestral accompaniment.

What defines our choir is not musical perfection, but that each individual in the group, regardless of their musical background, finds access to the pieces performed.
We are an open minded community that enjoys listening to music together. Our concerts are virtuously defined by the energy that we generate together.

Carnegie's Calling!
We were invited to perform at Carnegie Hall in New York!
In January 2018 we performed "MISATANGO" by the Argentine composer Martín Palmeri accompanied by the tango ensemble "faux pas" in Hamburg. Martín Palmeri himself was present at the performance and was enchanted by the life energy displayed by the choir. This event led him to his extraordinary recommendation to the Concert Organizer Distinguished Concerts New York City International (DCINY) in New York, creating this special musical cooperation of singers from all over the world. On June 23, 2019, we, among others, will be able to sing both the "MISATANGO" and the world premiere of "Gran Misa" under the direction of Grammy-winning Argentine conductor Saul Zak at Carnegie Hall in New York. 

Why you should donate
To make dreams come true!
For us, this musical "once-in-a-lifetime" experience is part of building a sustainable cultural partnership and an unique opportunity to contribute to a great musical performance.
After the premiere of "Gran Misa" in Carnegie Hall in the summer of 2019, we plan to bring this piece of music to Hamburg for the German premiere. This way we want to contribute to the intercultural development of the Hanseatic city Hamburg as "gateway to the world".

What is your donation going to be invested in?
Despite the support provided by the Hamburg University of Applied Sciences, the funding of the rehearsals as well as the high travel expenses are a great challenge for many of our students. Since the significance of our choir thrives from it’s community, we would like to enable all our members to participate in this project and accept the composer's invitation to New York.

Only with your help all of our singers can participate in this unforgettable experience. We will be thrilled if you support our project, thereby becoming a part of our community, too.
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