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A brighter future for children in India!

A project from PEF - Pereira Children's Education Fund e.V.
in Belgaum, India

Only through education can we break the vicious cycle of poverty that so many children and families in India suffer from. With your donation, you thus do not only give them access to first-class education – you essentially give them a better future!

Simon M.
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About this project

With your generous support, the PEF enables many Indian girls and boys to finally break the vicious cycle of poverty. No more than 60€ are needed to send a child to school for a whole year – and save it from the oftentimes extreme poverty in the country. 
Currently, the PEF, with help from all over the world, supports around 50 children in the area of Belgaum, India. We frequently visit our two local partner schools, St Paul’s and St Joseph’s – and can hence guarantee that your donations enable children in need to receive first-class school education
With your generous support, you thus do not only give girls and boys who could otherwise not attend school at all the opportunity to enjoy another year of school – no matter how small or big your contribution is, first of all, you give these children a better future for them and their families! 

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