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#DiakGoesTansania - Improving medical care in Tanzania

Himo, Tanzania

With our project we want to work for a better health care in Tanzania. We focus on the training and further education of medical staff through trainings in Tanzania and through hospitations in Germany.

J. Potthast from Diakoneo Diak Schwäbisch Hall gGmbH | 
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About this project

The medical care in Tanzania, especially the safety standards in the field of anesthesia, are at a very low level. In most cases, general anesthesia is preferred to regional anesthesia because it lacks both knowledge and materials for a regional anesthesia. If there are problems with the ventilation or circulatory system, training and equipment are lacking to respond appropriately. The consequence is a high operative mortality of the patients.
In addition, the simplest medical basics are not mastered. It already lacks the knowledge in which interval a normal respiratory rate or a normal blood pressure must be. Things that in Germany are already learned by schoolchildren in a first aid course are not mastered by a large part of the medical staff in Tanzania

Our project: job shadowing (hospitation) in Germany + training in Tanzania 
With your help, we want to tackle the unsatisfactory conditions on site and work towards a better health care. We focus on the education and training of the medical staff. The project consists of two related sub-areas: the further education of the medical staff through on the one hand trainings in Tanzania and on the other hand job shadowing (hospitations) of Tanzanian doctors in the Diakonie-Klinikum Schwäbisch Hall in Germany.
Our project is based on the "train-the-trainer" principle. This means that we pass on our knowledge to medical staff, who then pass on what they have learned with the help of exercise materials. Through the principle of "help for self-help" we increase the sustainability and coverage of the project. A maximum of medical personnel can be trained for emergencies in the clinic.

In our emergency medical training, we focus on the ABCDE scheme. This internationally established and approved scheme reliably helps to keep track even in complex emergency situations, to recognize life-threatening conditions immediately and to use the right measures in a professional manner. The scheme is supplemented by a resuscitation training.

Not only we but all medical staff and local people in Tanzania are in urgent need of your financial support. Since the project has already been successfully launched, we sincerely hope that we can continue the project just as successfully and thereby create sustainable medical safety. Be part of the project and let us save lives together in everyday life!

Full project description (in german):

Updated at 18. March 2020