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The Federal Association for burnt injuries e. V. seeks support.

A project from Bundesverband für Brandverletzte e. V
in Salzhemmendorf, Germany

We want to give self-help a new face and show that self-help is much more than just talking about the problems.

Martin G.
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About this project

Each of us knows this: "Ouch, I burned myself!" For many, what seems so commonplace to us is much more than that. Thousands of people burns themselves every day Worldwide and sustain serious injuries.

What many do not think at first is that after the wounds are taken care of and cured, there are often emotional scars left. Here we start as an organization and try to help people as individually as possible.

The association "Bundesverband für Brandverletzte" was founded 25 years ago and since then has developed into a large and lively community around the topic of burn injuries. In addition to our traditional local presence in many communities in Germany and related programs, we run the website "scar revolution" - for young burnt victims, a Facebook page and a Twitter and Instagram presence. We want to give self-help a new face and show that self-help is much more than just talking about the problems. Through joint ventures with you, such as barbecues, excursions, swimming or a visit to the cinema, we want to motivate each other and become strong and active together. The active treatment of the disease in the group makes it easier for those affected to handle it themselves. Especially for young burnt people it is important to gain positive experiences. Every sense of achievement triggers feelings of happiness in those affected and helps to heal the soul.

You will receive information about your burn injuries, advice on scar treatment, assistance in finding social contacts as well as psychological support. We want to help you and help you find new ways to deal with the illness and the injuries. We show you that you can achieve  a lot with "other" looks and not have to stand in the background.

However, all these things also need the financial means to fight them - and this is where you come into play. In 2018, the online connected world is omnipresent, and we too need to go new ways to get along in this situation. After our donations funds through sponsors and direct donations in the last year unfortunately went back strong, we hope in these ways to be able to build new bridges on the foundation of the
Bundesverband für Brandverletzte can continue to do its work to the full extent.

- Thank you for your support