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FSV Manderbach - Artifical Turf pitch - Waited for over a decade

Actually, we do nothing other than thousands of clubs in Germany. Commit to volunteering to strengthen community, cohesion and sport. That deserves respect. We probably only have this rare story ...

S. Krauss from FSV Manderbach 1920 e. V.Write a message

Can you imagine what it feels like as a sports club, when people leave or resign their memberships? When the total number of club members constantly decreases? Can you feel how it must be as a sports club, when you have to drop one team after the other? Can you imagine, how it is when prospective players would tell you, that they really like to join your club, but refuse to play, because your pitch is in poor condition and absolutely run-down? Than you can feel, how badly we wish to play on a new football pitch.
Please take the time to read our story.
The clay court of our club FSV Manderbach (Germany) has been renovated in the late 1980s and has suffered from weather influences ever since. Stones tend to come to the surface and a regular football match is hardly possible, especially when it’s dry.
For making a rebuild available, we were trying to generate financial resources since the mid-2000s. Our efforts are dependent on public administration of the state, local government and town council. Back in 2005 we were indicated to be the next club being supported by public financing. But on September 17, 2005 the tables turned: A several days long lasting torrential rain destroyed the pitch in the neighbouring village Oberscheld. We decided to forgo the comfort of public financing, so Oberscheld could rebuild their pitch with the public money.
For the last 10 years we attempted to get other public support, but we would remain unsuccesful. We lost many members, we lost our youth teams and our ladies‘ team. On the other hand we were able to realize several projects around the pitch on our own: Replacement oft the floodlights, perimeter advertising, renewing the roof of our clubhouse.
But the time has come now! The public grants of state and local government were finally approved. But we will still have to bring up a lot of money on our own. And we need your support! Please support us with a financial contribution or share our link with everybody who have some enthusiasm for amateur football or club work.