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School and educational garden "In den Krautgärten"

Kelkheim, Germany

School and educational garden "In den Krautgärten"

Kelkheim, Germany

Establishment and operation of a school and educational garden for kindergartens, schools and youth groups in Kelkheim and the surrounding area in order to give children a natural experience and to promote their natural connection to food.

F. John from Kleingärtnerverein 1992 - 'Krautgärten' e.V. | 
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About this project

Right in front of the grounds of the Kleingärtnerverein 1992 - "Krautgärten" e.V. several plots with a total area of approx. 1300 m² were leased. On one of the plots another institution already tried to install a school garden, which failed due to a temporary and improper garden management.

We now want to set up this area as a school and educational garden, run it permanently and make it available to all interested kindergartens, schools and youth groups.

Children need nature experiences in order to be able to open up, understand and shape their lives and the world. Especially in the metropolitan areas and large cities, there is less and less natural and free space available. In addition, the natural relation to food should be promoted. Furthermore, rare herbs and old fruit varieties in a regional context should be preserved and brought closer.

Also a beehive is planned on the area, operated by our beekeepers.
Updated at 18. March 2020