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Funded Dry Toilets & Hygiene Training for over 300 School Children in Ghana

A project from a different life e.V.
in Mafi Adiekpe, Ghana

Together with the organization Non-Water Sanitation, we want to establish sustainable sanitary facilities in a school in rural Ghana. Currently, the over 300 school children do not have access to any toilets.

Natalie S.
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About this project

No access to sanitary facilities in a school leads to poor hygiene and illness, but also absence of school children (especially female teenagers). 
By constructing sustainable toilets in a village school in Ghana and offering accompanying hygiene training, we – together with the organization Non-Water Sanitation and the Student Union Mafi Adiekpe – are working on: 
  • Providing access to sanitary facilities for 300 students
  • Raising awareness of hygiene and the importance of toilets
  • Decreasing the absenteeism rate (due to illness or menstruation)
  • Empowering the youth and adults of the community by including them in the process 
When looking at it long-term, the project increases the chances for good education for all children in Mafi Adiekpe and it reduces the cases of illness due to poor hygiene. In the short term, it minimizes for example cholera cases in the school. 
The wonderful aspect is that the teachers themselves are proactive (a simple hand washing station is already set up) and during community visits, a general great interest in carrying out the project was noticed. The whole community with 1000 residents does not have any (public) toilets. The so-called community toilets are often the only possibility to use a toilet in many rural and unprivileged areas in Ghana. If they don’t exist, people go into the bush. 
Teachers and parents under supervision of experts will construct the toilets locally. Locals will also carry out the hygiene training. This is to make sure that the residents will be empowered to transform a more simple and low-cost concept of the project in order to establish toilets in the community or neighboring communities and by doing so, generate an income for themselves. Therefore, the project does not only provide a solution for the school but also ecological, societal and economical chances for the whole community. 
Every donation helps to improve the learning environment for the school children, strengthen the hygiene awareness of the whole village and protect the health of the already more vulnerable community. 
We collect money for: 
  • 6 dry toilets (à 475 €) = 2850€ 
  • 2 days awareness raising and training (à 145€) = 290€ 
Cost statement: 
Toilets: Material for special pieces & transport of material.
Awareness raising and training: Hygiene training, workshops about usage and maintenance of the toilets & knowledge transfer to construct low-cost sanitary facilities in the region as an income. 
In total, 8 toilets and a composting plant will be built. A third party will finance a part of the project. We collect donations for the remaining costs.