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Donate a sunny home for kindergarten kids in Zimbabwe

Mutare, Zimbabwe

The version of the association Bongai Shamwari e.V., is to use the resource solar energy and to provide a sustainable, independent power supply for our kindergarten. For this purpose, a solar home system will be installed.

C. Zeller from Bongai Shamwari Early Childhood Centre | 
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About this project

 Imagine, you live in a country that is rich in resources, but still does not have sufficient infrastructure. For example, your power supply is not permanently guaranteed. This is a problem that people in Zimbabwe repeatedly have to face.

But we, the association Bongai Shamwari e.V., want to make these resources available to the people of Zimbabwe. This includes solar energy. We use the sun to provide a sustainable, independent power supply for our kindergarten. 

Our kindergarten "Bongai Shamwari - Thank You Friend" has been operating since January 2018. The kindergarten is currently attended by 23 children. 2/3 children are funded by a sponsorship in Germany that cannot afford pre-primary education. With this concept, we want to make mutual learning possible for children from different backgrounds 

Our goals: 

  • Sustainable use of renewable energy through a solar home system and the use of a solar cooker 
  • Achieving a high degree of self-sufficiency 
  • Providing an example for parents, neighbours and community 
  • Conception and implementation of project weeks on the topics of electricity and the responsible use of resources with parents and children 
  • Creation of an awareness for the use of solar energy in adults and children 
  • Independence from the public grid 

The first step has already been taken with the construction of a simple solar cooker. Since mid-October, our kindergarten has also been equipped with a large parabolic solar cooker. Thus larger amounts of food can be cooked by solar energy. 

Our vision is to make our kindergarten a self-sufficient island system. For this purpose, a solar home system will be installed. 

In order to ensure optimal planning, both the location of the building and the structural conditions were examined. The maximum possible solar yield was determined and possible shadowing was avoided. 

To start our construction project, we must first buy the building and the ground. Then we can start to work sustainably and successfully use the sun as a resource to give children in the kindergarten full support, including warm meals. 

Your donation will fully benefit the kindergarten "Bongai Shamwari". Help us to use the power of the sun!