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Registered association "four-legged friends in need"

A project from Vierbeiner in Not e.V.
in Lütjensee, Germany

The Vierbeiner in Not e.V. is an animal welfare association based in northern Germany. He carries out castration projects for street dogs in Romania and rescues and mediates abandoned animals. Handicap four-legged friends are an essential focus.

Bente B.
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About this project

The animal protection association Vierbeiner in Not e.V. has made it its goal to help animals in need - whether dogs, cats or other four-legged friends - and to enable a life worth living. That is why we, Anja and Uschi, have been working on a voluntary basis for years.

We are mainly committed to the street dogs in Romania, whose situation is sometimes unbearable. Many animals are malnourished, often injured or sick. Since they are not neutered, they continue to reproduce. The sometimes very poor population often perceives the strays as a nuisance and also as food competition, so that the animals are often chased away, mistreated or even killed. Car accidents with the dogs running freely are also the order of the day. The injured animals are often simply left lying there for fear of high veterinary costs or simply out of ignorance. They either die as a result of the accidents or remain handicapped for their short and hard dog life. Private pet owners often also let their dogs live outside, unleashed and uncastrated, which contributes to the further increase in street dogs. 

As a supposed solution, dog catchers are hired by the administration to get the animals off the street - often with the most brutal means. There they are put in public animal shelters, where they have to fight for their bare survival under horrific conditions and often die after a short time - from illness, from biting other dogs to death or from malnutrition. Or at the latest in the killing station, where all animals end up that were not placed after a certain period of time. 

Handicapped animals are particularly important to us. Unfortunately there are still too few people who are willing to adopt an apparently not “perfect” animal. Especially the handicapped four-legged friends deserve a loving home so much. 

Due to the conditions described, castrations are an important focus of our work in order to curb the animal misery on site in the long term. To do this, we took part in a neutering mobile with which local veterinarians neuter the dogs in the area and release them again, provided that their state of health does not speak against it. We also support private shelters on site that provide responsible animal welfare. We inform local politics about grievances, report on the sometimes catastrophic conditions in the public animal shelters and try to educate private dog owners about the advantages of neutering their four-legged friend. There are costs for veterinary bills, castration, transport of the four-legged friends. 

We need your help for this. Let us help other four-legged friends in need - please support our work with a donation! 

Thank you so much!