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A project from Bridging Gaps e.V.
in Pretoria, South Africa

Bridging Gaps e.V. organizes an exchange in which 10 young people from Germany and South Africa participate. The goal is to raise awareness among young people about racism and global inequalities during the exchange - and beyond.

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About this project

"The German-African youth exchange has really opened my eyes to the many inequalities and injustices we experience on a daily basis and which I have barely noticed before."

(Chesney Joubert on the exchange 2017)

Our youth exchange:
We are very happy to be able to organize another youth exchange with 20 young participants from Germany and South Africa. With your help, we already organized a very successful youth exchange last year. The youth exchange gives young people the opportunity to learn more about complex issues, such as racism and social injustice and to have unforgettable experiences and make very special friendships. The "African-German Youth Initiative" is a project of Engagement Global, which promotes the global exchange between young people. As part of our work, we have designed our own concept for an exchange. The project consists of two encounter phases and an accompanying program with exciting workshops. The project runs from September 2018 to May 2019 and includes a two-week stay in South Africa after Christmas 2018 and in Germany at Easter 2019. Our organization

Bridging Gaps e.V is a registered association in Germany and in South Africa. We are a young team committed to raising awareness about racism and reducing social inequalities. Through critical questioning of existing structures and targeted actions, we contribute to the reduction of different forms of discrimination and more equality in our society. We have multiple regional groups, which work on various projects, such as youth camps, anti-racism trainings, movie screenings, photo exhibitions.

A participant of our project Bridges Camp in South Africa proposed the idea of having global camps with teenagers from Germany: In mid-2013, the team started in South Africa in cooperation with the University Psychology Clinic in Pretoria Youth Camps. Since then, we reached more than 350 youth and students from different backgrounds with more than 14 camps.

Your contribution:
We are currently looking for donations to cover the outstanding 25% of the budget and to make this project a success. Your donation will help young people to open up to new perspectives and take a strong stand against global injustice. You can find more information about us and our project on social media:

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The youth exchange is supported by Engagement Global gGmbH in the name of the German Ministry for Economic Collaboration and Development.