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Education for a better future: Books for the Kikunduku School Project

Kikunduku, Kenya

Education for a better future About 3,000 children and teenagers at 6 schools in Kikunduku School Project in a poor, remote area of southern Kenya need new textbooks from January 2019 due to a new school curriculum. They need your help to get them.

N. Terfoort from Rheingauer Jugend für Afrika e.V.
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Education for a better future
True to this motto, we are committed to ensuring that all children of the 6 partner schools in the Kikunduku School Project in Kenya get a good education. About 3,000 children and teenagers attend these schools, which are located in a scant and remote area in the Chyulu Hills. Many families are poor, many children are orphans or half orphans, HIV is often the reason for it.
In 2016 and 2018 we and a group of 20 German adolescents got an idea of ​​all the schools and got to know some of the difficult teaching conditions. Discussions with the principals and classroom visits have convinced us that good work is being done by motivated teachers who, with better facilities, can lead enthusiastic children and teenagers to a good education. First steps have been taken by our German adolescents with the renovation of several classrooms and the construction of school furniture. The handing over of school uniforms, school supplies, medicines and much more for the most needy students has also helped to improve the learning situation of some children.
In the next school year, starting in January 2019, all classes will be teached on base of a new school curriculum. The existing textbooks can then no longer be used and the purchase of new books is not secured by the state. In order to enable as many children as possible to work with up-to-date textbooks from the beginning, we need your support! 
The school heads of the 6 schools are currently drafting a long list of needed books and prioritizing them for urgency. We want to cover this need as far as possible in the coming months and years.