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MASAKA, Uganda


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Due to deprivation of social and economic opportunities, untold numbers of children and youth in Masaka, Uganda lack food, education, shelter, healthcare and employment. We want to empower them to achieve productive and sustainable livelihoods

J. MUGABI from YOUTH WITH A VISIONWrite a message

Youth With A Vision is a registered (Reg. No. C.D 2211) not-for profit community based organization. We are dedicated to defending and advocating for the rights of the disadvantaged children and youth so that we create for them fairer avenues and opportunities to achieve productive and sustainable livelihoods, through education, care and support.

Due to poverty and deprivation of social and economic opportunities untold numbers of orphans and vulnerable children and youth in Masaka-Uganda are in desperate state, lacking access to education, food, safe water, healthcare and employment opportunities. 6 in 10 of them eat just one meal per day.

7 in 10 of those that go to school spend the whole day on empty stomach while there are many orphans and vulnerable children who keep wondering where their next food will come from. Malnutrition and extreme hunger greatly impacts and afflict mostly the poorest children in our community. It affects their growth, performance and drains them of their potential to develop into healthy and productive adults.

Despite of the available universal free primary and secondary education, 5 in 10 children don’t attend school and 2 in 5 of those who attend, drop out earlier simply because they can’t afford to pay the additional fees of lunch, stationery, shoes, uniform, study trips, examinations, foundation body fees and learning facilities. Study has shown that 7 in 10 youth are unemployed due to lack of employable skills required to access the labour market. They really find it difficult to cope up with life and are at risk of crime, antisocial behaviours and HIV/AIDS

Before our interventions only the most privileged had access to school, healthcare, social events, human rights and justice, adequate meals, employment and dignity. To date, a considerable number of them have had access to school, lunch meals and employable skills, life and survival skills, and leadership.

By providing access to food, education, materials, healthcare, shelter, micro loans and training in human rights, leadership and vocational skills is an important step in supporting the underprivileged children and youth to improve their lives, escape poverty and as well as a prerequisite to restore human dignity.

With your support we have moved these extra miles ahead and we are capable of moving many more to improve the lives and welfare of the underprivileged children and youth in Masaka-Uganda. The most encouraging aspect of our work was enthusiasm and empathy of all our stakeholders. It is so encouraging that you believed in our work and potential to deliver. Please let us hear from you what you would like to see YWAV doing now. Let us know how you want to be involved. We need all of you along side us.

We rely on all our supporters, without you Youth With A Vision could not continue supporting the underprivileged children.

With many thanks,

John Mugabi
YWAV Founder and Director