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Closed Diskutier Mit Mir!

A project from Diskutier Mit Mir e.V.
in Berlin, Germany

Promoting democracy through digital dialogue!

Joachim Kirschstein
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About this project

Diskutier Mit Mir e.V. is a digital dialogue platform that facilitates personal exchange online between people with opposing views. Users are matched by our algorithm in 1:1 chat rooms with people who don’t share their views. This way, Diskutier Mit Mir wants to promote democratic exchange, contribute to the objectification of debates, burst filter bubbles and counteract the increasing polarization in society. 
Ahead of the 2017 Bundestag elections, Diskutier Mit Mir e.V. enabled almost 20,000 conversations! 
Now we want to take the next step. With your help we will bring the debate to Europe: "Talking Europe!"
What is it all about? 
For the European elections in May 2019 we are building an European partner network and a pan-European platform to bring the Diskutier Mit Mir e.V. approach to as many European countries as possible. In addition to our existing partner projects in Hungary, Spain/Catalonia, Sweden and the Netherlands, we want to cooperate with teams in as many European countries as possible. The aim is to create a platform that will bring people from all over Europe into conversations about European politics. 
In order to continue facilitating meaningful and constructive discussions online, especially throughout Europe, we need funding for our ongoing expenses, such as server and personnel costs, the development of the European network or travel reimbursement for participants of the network meeting "Talking Europe!".